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Love it! Has some great funky vibes!

The part from 0:59 to 1:29 felt a tad... drawn out? in my opinion... That's all I got in terms of critique.

I really dig it!

Just some minor nitpics:
The first hit at 0m20s (and again at 0m40s), the bass seems to be just a little bit much on the low end (too much rumble for my taste).
A few spots seem to clip/distort a tiny bit, like the sharp lead sound at 1m42s, 2m11s, & 2m22s.

Other than those two critiques I'd say it's absolutely amazing -- 5/5, absolutely loved it.

EDIT: It's even better now with the changes you made! You nailed it with this track :).

Teqneec responds:

criticism is always good! I went back and improved the track based on your gripes.

I like it, very chill/jazzy!

LordAndiso responds:

thank you! :))

This would be 100x better if it didn't clip/distort so much from being so dang loud...

Pretty good... Although the mix felt "flat" or "dry" to me, for lack of a better word.

TheFantasticZ responds:

Yeah, my later songs have better EQ and mono balances, this piece is more of a next step for me.

Oh yeah! 0:00-0:30 was kind of meh at first, but after that it was excellent!

The mix gets a little distorted/busy around the 1:30 mark... I think it could benefit from some EQ work there to balance out the instruments.

I liked the reversed effect @ 2:00.

Great work!

larrynachos responds:

I agree 100% with your review! Thank you :)

Update: I tried my best to clean up the sound a little :) I hope it sounds better now!

Love it! The sound design was great & the mix was clear... I think it fits the piece it was inspired by nicely!

Great work!

CANDYdisturber responds:

Thank you!

Nice chill tunes! I think it fits the piece it was inspired by perfectly! The mix was clear and the song progressed nicely... Great work!

I agree with TaintedLogic that the piece feels very random, and although there is some interesting sound design it gets overshadowed by the randomness. Sorry if I'm being harsh, but I didn't find this enjoyable to listen to... It could benefit a lot from a better progression of well chosen sounds that fit together in a beat.

Also, I found this from the AIM contest submission thread, but I couldn't find what art it was inspired by anywhere...


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