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So Planaris 2+ v1.1 went live on Steam earlier this month! It adds controller support (there's official bindings for the Dualshock 4 and Steam Controller, and you can make your own for practically any other controller) and a handful of new levels. Check it out on steam here.

Also, I've been working on my next project... It will be a re-imagining of my 2013 game, Folds (that link requires flash).

I'm calling it Paper: A Game of Folding... It's got a ton of improvements over Folds so far:

  • Re-imagined aesthetic, and higher level of polish... Back when I made Folds I was still pretty new to game development and cut a lot of corners. Now with some more experience under my belt, I think I can make the game much better!
  • Improved scoring system... The percentage score you got in Folds was janky at best... The way I did scoring back then left a lot to be desired. I've found a way to make it more consistent/precise!
  • Better, more optimized folding... In folds I think the highest # of folds was something like 8 or 9 if I remember correctly. That was because the exponential increase in computations required to fold that many times made things crawl to a halt on anything past that... In Paper, I've multi-threaded the folding system, and it's buttery smooth, even after 12+ folds!
  • Small things that make a big difference... For example, the Undo system now shows you a little preview of what each step along the way will look like, little things like that, that make for a more polished experience!
  • Snapping... You can now hold control to snap vertices to various points when you fold (such as other vertices, the center of shapes, and the center of edges). You can also hold shift to angle snap! This should make getting that elusive perfection score less aggravating.
  • One big feature I'm not ready to tell you about just yet. Because there's already many clones of Folds released on Google Play, etc, right now and I don't want someone to beat me to the punch... I'm keeping this last one tight-lipped... But I will say it's something that adds a lot of possibilities to the game!

I'm going to be releasing two versions of this upcoming game: there will be a free "lite" version, available in your web browser here on Newgrounds, and an extended "+" version I'll be releasing on Steam for a to-be-decided price... This is a model I think I am going to go forward with for monetizing my games from now on.

That's it for now... I should have more to share about my next game soon!


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