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The cats out of the bag.

2016-02-29 17:33:00 by BryceSummer

So I did a thing today. I uploaded some of my... Music?! Let me explain:

Anyone who knows me here(which admittedly isn't that many people... I'm a bit of a recluse) knows me as a game developer. While I enjoy making games, I've also enjoy making music in FL studio. Although, no-one outside of a close circle of my friends & family knew this. I started learning FL studio before I started game dev actually, which was awhile ago. 10 years give or take...

Anyways... I did not publicly release any of this music(except for one track that was in a game I put out in Sept. 2015, Roundabout -- a bit of a testing the waters kind of thing I guess). It was my dirty litle secret. In all honesty, I was too nervous to(for reasons... that I now realize are silly tbh) to release this music. A lot of the music I made while learning fl studio was bad. Really bad. But some of it I like enough to release. And so I did this today. Yay.



You can expect more to be uploaded in the coming days(or however long it takes for newgrounds to allow me to upload more... I seem to have hit my cap for now).


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2016-03-01 11:25:26

Heh, I was totally surprised to find 4 audio submissions in my feed simply because I don't follow anyone from the audio portal (until today of course).

Listened to each one but gonna say they're not quite my favourite kind but they're certainly good to listen to (Collection of Bits and Slice of PI a bit more than the other two IMO). Overall I found all 3 ambient tracks a bit too fast and "bassy" personally, but Collection of Bits fits the ambient thingy best, while Slice of PI somewhat reminds me of the FTL score.

I think you should upload more tracks, be less ... uhm ... afraid(?) of it (it's everything by everyone!) and maybe wait for people's opinions who dig electro more than I do. ;)

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you for this comment, I really, really appreciate it :).

You're completely right in your point about being less afraid, and I think over time I'm realizing more and more that I can't let my fear of the worst-case-scenario of what other people might say prevent me from interacting with people.

Thank you.


2016-05-24 16:35:07

When I read FL Studio, I must admit I wasn't expecting all to great stuff, but I was surprised! The first track I opened up was just as dynamic and professional-sounding as work made with... well, the more expensive repertoire: programs that aren't as popular among new artists. I tried FL Studio myself once and never did master it fully, but it looks like you've managed well. Nice work.

BryceSummer responds:

Hey Thanks! I've never used any DAWs other than FL Studio, IMO it's possible to make great stuff regardless of what tools you use :).